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The three cresting waves of The Realm’s tri-wave logo represent the Saltwater Fusion of the surf lifestyle in the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans. Our history and heritage comes from the beach and the life of being a surfer. The Realm designs reveal themselves to the true surfer in everyone.Since its beginning in 1997, The Realm has been committed to the surfing culture and has successfully taken this message around the world. The Realm is a surf lifestyle based upon authenticity and the youth lifestyle market. Founded by surfers in Southern California and worn by surfers around the world The Realm is uniquely positioned to become a dominant brand.Presently The Realm is celebrating its 8th year of successful growth. The continuing efforts of our licensees and distributors around the world support this core surf brand with its roots in Saltwater Fusion. The Realm presently has distribution in the United States, Mexico, Canada, Europe, Japan, South America, New Zealand and Australia. Our goal is to continue to stay focused on surf products which are created by surfers for surfers.

Jay A.Geier,
Managing Member
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Heather Kiss-Geier,
Director of Licensing
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• The three cresting waves of The Realm’s tri-wave logo represent the saltwater fusion of the surf lifestyle in the Atlantic, Pacific and the Indian Oceans.


• Since it’s beginning in 1997, this authentic action sports brand is based on the heritage of the surf lifestyle and the evolving youth lifestyle market.


• Legendary surfers including Tom Curren, Pat O’Connell,
Bron Heussenstamm, Jesse Merl-Jones and
Chris Drummy helped shape and form The Realm’s
brand identity in the early days. A new generation
of riders including Fabrice Alonzo, Rob Blythe and
Joey Hudson are continuing to build The Realm Nation.


• The brand has continued to remain in the capable
hands of authentic industry veterans who know and
understand the action sports consumer.


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The Realm spans across the globe sold in China, Slovenia, EU, UK, USA and online! If you would like more information about our products you can check out some of our participating stores or online.


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